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We offer reliable & quality safety matches.

Safety Matches

Safety matches manufactured in INDIA are of the standard type with wooden veneer or cardboard boxes and wooden splints. Each safety match box contains 40 to 50 splints. Other types of matches produced include promotional safety matches containing 10 to 20 sticks and fancy / advertisement matches made to the buyer's specifications. Most of the raw materials are the same regardless of the level of production, but the process is slightly different. We offer the following variety of wooden safety matches as per buyers specification.

Card Board Match Box

Match Boxes

Card Board Match Box

Cardboard matches, 40±2 splints in a: matchbox, the print on both sides, firings surface " by sports" 10 matchboxes packed in a Poly wrap. The package - 1000 matchboxes packed in a paper or Poly wrap.

Stick matches are valued for both their household and recreational uses, and especially great to have handy when things don't work in this electronic age !!. Our wide array of shapes and sizes enables you to choose the most suitable format for your design or product replica at the right price point

On buyer request we can give EN STANDARD 1783, Which is Equivalent to Swedish match standards.
Card Board Match Box

Wooden Matches / Match Box

  • Veneer Match
    Rubber wooden matches 45 ± 2 splint in a matchbox, label one side. 12 matchboxes packed in a blue paper, 12 pack in blue paper and 10 such packet in a carton. Th biggest package Carton hold - 1440 match boxes
  • For Cold & Rainy Region
  • Packing 12 box x 12 Box x 10 box
  • 1440 in a Carton
Wooden Matches

Wax Matches

Wax Matches / Match Box

Cardboard matches, 40±2 splints in a : matchbox, label one side. 12 matchboxes firing surface "by sport" 10 matchboxes packed in a Poly warp . The biggest package1000 matchboxes packed in a paper or Poly warp

Hotel Matches / Match Box

  • Complementary wooden safety matches for restaurant , Hotels & Bar
    Every job is made-to -order on premium white premium cover board. Even on the smallest quantity we'll print unlimited number of Pantone ink color or 4 - color process. Plus foil hot stamping and die - embossing are like wise available your logo from a selection of different brilliant match tip colors
  • Repeat Business ? Public Relations ? We 'll match your needs !
  • Quantity Minimum 5000 Box & futher in multiples of 5000
  • Buyers Specification
Hotel Match Box

Kitchen Matches

Kitchen Matches

Household matches (one box contains approx. 250 / 300 match sticks). 100 / 120 boxes are packed in carton

Long Matches

Barbecue / Cigar ( Long) Matches
Focal matches ( Unit's length - from 9.5 cm to 28 cm, 40 to 90 splints package). 20 packages are packed in Poly warp, 20x20 packed in carton.

Extra - Long wood matches are always valued and kept handy for a variety of household and recreational purpose (lighting fire places, barbecue grills, pilot lights gas stoves, candles, campfires, etc). They're especially welcomed by cigar and pipe enthusiasts

You can make your inquires and needs to our email
  • As per buyer specification
  • 10 box x 10 box x 4 packet
  • 400 per carton
Long Matches

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